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Explore the Speed Wagon Utility Trailer

Trailer Specifications

  • Trailer frame is constructed of 2.5"x2.5" tubed steel which is stronger and more rigid as compared to other trailers made from angle iron
  • All wiring is encapsulated for added protection
  • Integrated tie down points makes loads easy to secure
  • Load Capacity = 2,990lb. GVWR (Gross vehicle weight rating)
  • 3,500lb. Dexter Axle
  • All trailer lights are LED
  • Upgraded rugged tire - 215 75r15
  • Decking is kiln dried before installation for a tighter more consistent deck. Decking is screwed across 2 cross members with 56 screws which adds strength & rigidity to the trailer and better overall towing. Trailer decking is Deck Protect coated for long-lasting quality
  • All welds are done robotically therefore providing more consistency and a higher quality overall weld
  • Bolt on fenders for ease of replacement if ever damaged
  • Trailer frame has a Powder coat finish (Gloss or Sand finish available) - Coating process yields a 1,000 hour salt spray which is similar to industrial/commercial equipment. The coating also adds to the frame rigidity and is not simply a direct to metal coating. Trailer metal frame is laser cleaned and then a Powdura powder coating is applied. Coating is a high-end commercial product which Sherwin Williams provides to the likes of Caterpillar and other high-end industrial equipment.